At Trinity our approach to Jeet Kune Do is based around three main systems of combat:  Jun Fan Gung Fu, Filipino Kali, and French Savate. These three arts flow smoothly together, compliment one another, and provide our students with a solid base for the development of self defense skills. Classes may include training in any one system, and often will involve all three.  Instruction may also involve elements from many other systems including Thai Boxing, Brazilian Jujitsu, Indonesian Silat, and other martial arts.

What to wear

Students are expected to wear clean running shoes and workout clothes (a black t-shirt ,free of offensive graphics or text, is all that we require in the way of a class uniform).  It is also suggested students bring along a bottle of water and a small towel. Male students should invest in a protective athletic cup, and all students should consider purchasing a mouth guard (not required for a trial class).  This is all the equipment a new student requires to start – though over time students may decide to purchase their own training gear (Sparring Gear, Kali Sticks, Training Knives, etc).

What to expect

Training in class generally starts with a light warm up and stretching routine. After the Warm Up the class may involve training striking skills on focus pads or kicking shields, working weapons skills with the stick or knife, empty hand hand flow drills, or light sparring. Students of all levels work together on the material presented by the instructor (beginners may be given modified or more limited versions of the techniques being trained).Class will usually end with a cool down stretch.