Women's Self-Defense

Women's Self-Defense

A self-defense system built around education and awareness.

Research-based Trinity Women’s Self-Defense

Research-based Trinity Women’s Self-Defense is completely different from most commercial self-defense courses offered by martial arts schools or “self-defense experts”. This program is much more than a series of self-defense techniques, which may or may not work when you need them most. Trinity Self-Defense explores the psychological and physiological effects of high-stress encounters and provides valuable exposure to those conditions.


This course provides women with the mental and physical skills necessary to defend themselves effectively and intelligently against an entire spectrum of aggressive behaviour, from verbal harassment, to an all-out physical assault.

Simple and effective

Students will learn simple and effective techniques against a wide range of attacks. By practicing these techniques against trained attackers in a “street-real” environment, students will develop the ability to react instantly and effectively when faced with a violent assault.

Trinity Self-Defense has been taught across Canada.

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