Kali is a term used to describe the multitude of weapon based combat systems that originate in the Philippines and Indonesia. Kali is sometimes said to be be combination of two Filipino words – Kamot Lihot – that can be translated as “body in motion”. Other common names given to the Filipino arts are: Arnis (Spanish for “Harness”), and Escrima (Spanish for “skirmish”). There is quite a bit of debate over the “correct” term, but at Trinity we have decided to stick with “Kali” for simplicity.

Our Kali focus at Trinity stems from the Inosanto / Lacosta “blend” (John Lacosta was one of Guro Inosanto’s main instructors in the Filipino arts). We practice with the stick (single and double), and the knife – but also include a great deal of the empty hand material from the subsystems of Panatukan (Filipino Boxing), Pananjakman (Filipino Kicking), and Dumog (Filipino Grappling) as supplements to our Jun Fan Gung Fu base.

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